Training course - London

"Management and Financial Considerations"

Understanding of the problems associated with the production, marketing and financial functions of a business in a competitive situation.
Impact of the managerial decision making process on the financial performance of the company. Cases analysis.

Measuring company performance - Cost Analysis for decision making - Action Plan.


Training course - Paris

" Proactive Management "

Management development Programme : Principles of effective communication - Handling trouble - Investing in people - Creating a structure - Managing team - Developing people - Staff selection and interviewing.

Cases analysis - Group work - Developing action plan for returning to work - Discussion and review of exercise Report back.



Training course - London

" Management Theories "

Management development Programme : The manager's role - F.I.S.T Test - Personality types - Management styles - Transactional analysis in managing people - Recruitment and selection.

Role playing - Discussion and review of exercise - Team work - Action Plan.